Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aubergine (Brinjal) Halwa

Everyone has eaten Carrot Halwa but hardly anyone knows that an equally tasty sweet dish can be prepared by using brinjal as the main ingredient. Yes, it is tasty and mouth watering. Very easy to make too.

The Recipe

Take big and round brinjals. Peel off the skin and grate it till you reach the point where the seeds starts getting visible.

After you have peeled of the whole quantity, first fry the same in pure ghee with cardamom and cloves. This helps in killing off the odour of brinjal which many people do not like. Add milk and sugar and let it cook. Once the milk has dried, keep frying till you see the ghee coming out and no milk is visible.

An Important Note
If you grind almond, pistachio and cashew nuts into fine powder and add the same to the preparation while cooking it enhances the taste considerably.

The Quantity

1kg brinjal
2ltr milk
300gms sugar (basically as per your taste)
300gms ghee
2-3 pieces of cardamom and cloves

Dry fruits for garnishing


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